The Math Festival brings together all our community to inspire each other and challenge participants of all ages to see math in new and exciting ways.

The MATH Festival is organized around a theme each year featuring Street Math Activities, opening ceremony with the music and dance shows, math talks, interdisciplinary activities, performances, puzzles, mind games, peer activities, book fair, pi day meal and activities and a variety of competitions.

The Introductory video Math Festival 2019 from Koc School, Turkey 

The Teaser of Math Week'19 Koc School, Turkey  created by another Math lover colleague Aysun Fendi 

For detailed information about KOÇ MATH WEEK, its website will be online soon.




UNESCO proclaimed March 14 as the International Day of Mathematics on November 26, 2019.

The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration. Each year on March 14 all countries will be invited to participate through activities for both students and the general public in schools, museums, libraries and other spaces.

You can check out the website of IDM  to get the detailed information on Math Day and share your math day celebrations by using the hashtag #idm314

Math Revolution at Schools

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