The best part of being a math lover is for sure to have math toys and gadgets to play with..

I really enjoy a lot to  have and play with the math object, toys, fidgets and puzzles and board games. 

When you have such an obsession, in time your students, kids, family and friends get used to those and enjoy the beauty of math... Children are more likely to learn math principles more effectively when surrounded by relevant concepts. They help develop children’s senses, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and memory. Another best part of these toys is THEY ARE GENDER-FREE!

And if you want someone to start liking math, start with the toys :)

Last but not least, it is a great gift idea !

Before I start, sharing my favorites, I also want to recommend 3D Printing. If you have or you can use a 3D printer, you can create your own toys and  hard to believe but it may become a lot cheaper... Click here for the 3D Printed Math Page.

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Interactive kinetic sculpture design. A snap of the wrist imparts angular momentum to the "petals" which then rotate until an internal mechanism stops their motion with predetermined spacing- a helix transforms to an abstract pine cone. A second snap of the wrist in the opposite direction returns the helix. A creation by artist John Edmark." Physicsfun


HexaPlex Magnetic Fractal Puzzle

HexaPlex combines fractals and tessellations to allow students to actually construct a fractal using physical materials. The puzzle contains only one shape, but in five different sizes (generations). The pieces are made of magnet-backed foam. Contains over 270 pieces

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Star Cube

Cube Transforms Into A Number Of Shapes - 12-Pointed Stars, Rectangles, Squares - All With A Different Color Combination.

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Ganowo Snake Cube Fidget 

​Between each triangle, there is a small button with mechanical compaction. And the spring design can enhance the close connections. There are 4 concave convex grooves for every section. So the snake puzzles can better position during the rotation process.

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Prime Board Game

Prime Climb is a game of strategy and luck for 2-4 players.See the 101 circle? It’s the big red circle at the center of the spiral. The goal of Prime Climb is to land both your pawns on 101 exactly.



Spirograph is a geometric drawing device that produces mathematical roulette curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. The well known toy version was developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold in 1965.


Galton Board

" The Galton Board: 3000 steel balls fall through 12 levels of branching paths and always end up matching a bell curve distribution. Each ball has a 50/50 chance of following each branch such that the balls are distributed at the bottom by the mathematical binomial distribution. A modern version of the Galton Box invented by Sir Francis Galton(1894) to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem" Physicsfun

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ZomeTool - Kepler Cosmos

German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) believed that the relationships between the 5 platonic solids governed the order of the universe. He turned out to be wrong, but in the process of trying to prove his theory he laid down the foundation for modern astronomy.

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Rainbow Puzzle Ball

A color matching game  for very little kids. There’s one empty circle and you push the colored balls around utilizing the empty space to match the color of the ball with the ring outside the circle. There’s a sponge center in the ball that allows the colored balls to slide from one space to the next when you press on them.

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Tessellation Puzzles 

Tessellation puzzles combine art and math to stimulate creativity. Most of them are simple enough for five-year olds, but can also challenge older kids and the brainiest adults. All of our puzzles have many different solutions, allowing them to be used over and over again.


3D Printed Math

If you have  an access to a 3D printer, you can create your own math gadgets and toys. And all the templates are free on the websites like thingiverse. Click here to see the ones we have printed


3D Labyrinth Puzzles

Magical Mufti-functional Toy: Great for intelligence development, hands & eyes coordination and balance, spatial cognition, focus, observes ability and patience training. Help to improve player's space imaginative ability, memory.

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Spiegel Tangram 2.0

It is a challenging symmetry game that you cannot stop playing.Cards will guise you to create the given shapes rather than free creation and it gets challenging with each shape you have completed. 

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Shape shipter.jpg

SHASHIBO - The Shape Shifting Box

3D Magnetic Transforming Magnetic Box Magic Cube - You can combine four of them to create other 3d shapes

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Euclidean Cube

The ring model is made of tetrahedron,which can like smoke rings flipping repeatedly.The tetrahedron is made of four isosceles triangles.Every isosceles triangle has a common edge.Because of this, the ring can flip and without breaking.

Infinite Cycle and Infinite Non-circulation-You will see the same pattern after flipping four times, but the difference is what you think.the pattern is good for thinking.

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Dice Collection

Start Collecting different dice to talking about equally likely outcomes. Which dice / die other than the cube can be fair?

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