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Activities Section of Mathigon

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Mathigon, one of the best mathematical sources of the web, also has another treasure "activities"

In this section, you can find an interactive timeline of mathematics, where you can click on each mathematician to read about his/her contributions to the field.

Polypad is simply everything that a math a teacher needs for the fundamental manipulatives of math lessons.

There are fraction bars, algebraic tiles, tangram and pentominoes pieces, number tiles, polygons and grids to play with.

But today, I want to introduce you another activity more like a game from the page "Factris".

Factris is an updated version of Tetris game. Where you can change the shape of the blocks according to their factors. I am addicted now, I am sure the kids will like to play with it too.

They can learn and practice about factors, prime numbers, area calculation while having fun ..

Enjoy :)


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