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Updated: Feb 26

Polypad is the ultimate collection of virtual manipulatives by Mathigon. It has ready to use polygons, number and algebra tiles, fraction bars, fractals , pentominoes, and much more. You can find Polypad under the Activities section of Mathigon. When you create an account, you can save your Polypad files and share them with your students with their links.

On the sidebar, there are two tabs; Tiles and Library. When you click on Library, you may see the files (manipulatives) created by Mathigon as well as your own saved canvases.

At the very bottom of the sidebar, you can find the links to the page "Sample Lesson Plans and Video Tutorials".

I use Polypad a lot in my lessons and wanted to share the links of the lessons that I prepared; (This list will be updated periodically.)

You can save as copies and edit them as you wish.

Visual Patterns 3

Chairs around the Table Problem

Border Tiles Problem

Fractals 1 - 2

True Scale Multiplication Table

Pascal Triangle with Factors

Kolam Designs 1 - 2

Different Proofs of Number Sums

Visual Patterns 1

Visual Patterns 2

Penrose Tiles 1 - 2

Triangular Numbers

Proofs of Sum of Odd and Even Numbers

Construct different size squares on the grid.

Sphinx tiling

Tetrahedral Numbers

Cube Number

Unit Fractions


How many with Dice

Pick's Theorem

Sum of 1/2s and 1/4s


Dodecagon Dissection

Experimental Probability with the Galton Board and Coin Flips

Galton Board, Pascal Triangle, Normal Distribution and How can you change the distribution

Visual Proof of the Cube of a Binomial

Cube Numbers and Nicomachu’s Theorem:

Grid Paths

Number Bars and Fibonacci

Brick Walls and Fibonacci

Kite Squares

Diagonals of Rectangles

Mystic Rose

Number of Squares


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