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      Polypad is the ultimate collection of virtual manipulatives by Mathigon. It has ready to use polygons, number and algebra tiles, fraction bars, fractals , pentominoes, and much more. You can find Polypad under the Activities section of Mathigon. When you create an account, you can save your Polypad files and share them with your students with their links. On the sidebar, there are two tabs; Tiles and Library. When you click on Library, you may see the files (manipulatives) created by Mathigon as well as your own saved canvases. At the very bottom of the sidebar, you can find the links to the page "Sample Lesson Plans and Video Tutorials". I use Polypad a lot in my lessons and wanted to share the links of the lessons that I prepared; (This list will be updated periodically.) You can save as copies and edit them as you wish. Visual Patterns 3 Chairs around the Table Problem Border Tiles Problem Fractals 1 - 2 True Scale Multiplication Table Pascal Triangle with Factors Kolam Designs 1 - 2 Different Proofs of Number Sums Visual Patterns 1 Visual Patterns 2 Penrose Tiles 1 - 2 Triangular Numbers Proofs of Sum of Odd and Even Numbers

    • Ramanujan

      Click here for the Ramanujan Hyperdoc

    • Atatürk ve Matematik

      10 Kasım Atatürk'ü anlamak için sadece savaş alanındaki dehasını yada devlet yaratma ve biçimlendirme becerisini konuşmak, okumak yetmez. Onun bilime ve eğitime verdiği değeri ve ülkemizin yeni nesillerinden beklentilerini anlamak da çok önemli. Bunu yaparken onun düşüncelerini ve fikirleri oluşturan deneyimlerini ve araştırmalarını, modern Türkiye'yi kurma amacıyla hangi kaynaklardan yararlandığını bilmek ve bu kaynaklara ulaşabilmek, onu anlamak yolunda ilk adım olabilir. Atatürk'ün hayatı boyunca 4000 kitaptan fazlasını okuduğunu biliyoruz. Atatürk'ün okuduğu kitapların, 1741'inin Çankaya Köşkü, 2151'nin Anıtkabir, 102'sinin İstanbul Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi ve 3'ünün ise Samsun İl Halk Kütüphanesi'nde olduğu biliniyor. Sadi Borak tarafından yazılan kısa metinde, Atatürk'ün bu kitapları okurken aldığı notlar şu şekilde açıklanmış; Bu 10 Kasım'da, O'nun fikirlerinin temellerini oluşturan kitaplara bir göz atalım. Bu kitapları okumak, onu anlamak yolunda, başkalarının fikirlerini dinlemek yerine atabileceğimiz en somut adım olacaktır. Aşağıdaki interaktif Google sınıfını buradan indirip, linklere ve videolara ulaşabilirsiniz. 23 Nisan Yakında .. 19 Mayıs Yakında .. 29 Ekim Yakında ..

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    • Exhibits | MATH FAN

      MATH EXHIBITS Math Classroom Ideas Math Hallway Ideas Math Park Ideas Some of the interactive elements from the math museums can be used as the math exhibits of the schools. Since they are more attractive than the ordinary math posters or items, they trigger the curiosity of the kids easily.

    • Math Halls | MATH FAN

      MATH EXHIBITS Math Classroom Ideas Math Hallway Ideas Math Park Ideas MATH HALLWAY IDEAS As a Math Jedi, our first mission was to remove class walls from the math learning experience. As the first step, let's still continue to use the school building and the garden. Especially think about the hallways that the students spend their free time! If we could design some museum-like interactive displays so that they can enjoy, learn, and be motivated from, then they will start to see the different aspects of mathematics.. ​ Imagine a school with the hallways that the students; j ump on the Königsberg Bridges on a floor mat, or use Caesar's cipher to send each other crypto messages or try to solve the one wall, or play with the Pascal Triangle to create Sierpinski's Fractal, or draw shapes to create their own anamorphic designs on the circular grid by looking at a cylindrical mirror, or read about Famous philosophers are also great mathematicians get inspired by the Abel Prize and Fields Medal ... ​ A detailed explanation about each item will be soon as well as the garden designs. updated ​ An old touch screen TV can also be a great addition to the hallways of the school. We were lucky enough to have a where we can air global math, science, and tech news as well as announcements and interactive math games. Math TV The possible content of a MATH TV will also be added to this website ​ ​ CRYPTOLOGY AND CAESER CIPHER “Your mission ,……, should you decide to accept it, is… As usual, should you or any member of your I.M. Force be captured or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, ……...” Click for the cryptology worksheet here 4D CUBE - HYPERCUBE What do Loki and Salvador Dali have in common? ​ Click for the Face Prints of the 4D Cube. here ​ Tesseract can be group project for kids to research and come up with the face designs as well. PASCAL TRIANGLE By using the giant the double-sided interactive Pascal Triangle, try to find the answers of the following questions. Click for the Pascal Triangle tasks here 7 BRIDGES OF KONIGSBERG Can you find a route in the city of Königsberg that would cross each of these bridges only once? ​ Image is taken from and used as educational purpose only. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. ​ ​ ARCHIMEDES METHOD OF PI-CALCULATION ​ How did Archimedes calculate pi years and years ago? Click for the floor design here CYLINDIRICAL MIRROR If you have a cylindrical column at your school, cover it with a mirror-like paper, then start to work on your anamorphic designs. Click for the floor size circular grid here SCHOOL OF ATHENS by Raphael Have you ever realized the great mathematicians are also very famous philosophers? Would you like to see most of those pioneers at the same picture? Here is School of Athens by Raphael. MATH AWARDS FIELDS MEDAL AND ABEL PRIZE ​ Get inspired and motivated by the famous awards of the mathematics Fields Medal Abel Prize and get to know the millenium math problems

    • Math Park | MATH FAN

      MATH EXHIBITS Math Classroom Ideas Math Hallway Ideas Math Park Ideas Would you like to add mathematical elements to your school's backyard? MATH PARK KONIGSBERG BRIDGES MATH HOPSCOTCH Click for the details of the mini-park to teach the kids one of the most iconic problems of Mathematics by playing on it. here Click for the template of equivalent fractions here hopscotch game PLAYGROUND PHYSICS Coming Soon... Lever Lift Simple Machines at Play Exhibition at Science City’s exhibit space by Burns & McDonnell Giant lever Science Exhibition at Pacific Science Center Simple Machines Simple Machines - Pulley Exhibition in Germany Simple Machines - Pulleys Simple Machines - Pulley Exhibition in Germany Weight on Moon Sign June 2011 AD Campaign by Cramer-Krasselt to raise awareness of the positive impact parents' involvement with their child's education. Math Swing June 2011 AD Campaign by Cramer-Krasselt to raise awareness of the positive impact parents' involvement with their child's education. Show More HUNDRED CHART MAZES [Photo by (CC BY 2.0).] geishaboy500 [Image by ] Maze garden Visit the webpage " t " 30+ Things to do with a hundred Char Click for Math Maze Mats here (Indoor / Outdoor)

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