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A wide range of sources can support STEAM learning at schools like libraries, museums, nature and Science Centers, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens and arboretums, health and environmental organizations and etc... Research studies have shown that science museums can have important impacts on science literacy and can impact public understanding, attitudes and behaviors toward science and technology.

These informal learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom deserve more attention from the educators. Without the stress of assessment and evaluation and restrictions of the strict curriculums, informal learning centers might be able to make learning the most complex ideas irresistible by experiencing the non-traditional methods of teaching and learning.

It is nearly impossible to exit a museum without having gained any information or insight. A single visit to a museum can expose the visitors to in-depth information on a subject, and a great inspiration for their studies in future. By creating inquiry-based experiences and tools, hands-on experiences, explorations, and individual discovery, they can transform the way that the people learn. 

Here, I believe giving the kids space to explore what they are interested in is the most effective method of motivation for math & science


All in all, it is always a good idea to visit a nearby science, math & tech centers or museums even by pushing the limits a little bit to improve the math & science education at schools. Apart from these, if you have any opportunity to make field trips abroad. I have some recommendations to make, since I was able to visit the museums below.

AND If you are a parent to have some planning to visit the cities below, make sure your children also have time and opportunity to visit these mind-blowing museums and science centers. You would not believe the change in their perspective towards science and math while having so much fun.

Click here for a short presentation about Math Museums.


We had a chance to visit Germany to see the leading Math, Science Tech Museums as a School trip. Positive effects of such a trip on students’ math & science learning experience was so inspiring. But obviously, our school trip was only for 40 students who are lucky enough to have no financial or time constraints. 

For the STEAM  Museums Itinerary in Germany, you can contact with

It is a regardless fact that, limited available financial resources that allow teachers to engage their students with faculty-supervised external activities such as trips to museums and other off-campus venues. Securing transportation sometimes creates another obstacle when considering "road trips".  Here, Google Arts & Culture gives us a miracle solution. Although obviously it is not possible to find every museum on earth, you can still find lots of inspiring museums, galleries all over the world to share with your students.


Imagine your students learning about the massive prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs or mammoths and being able to look them in the eye. Students can now take a tour of museums from New York to London to Australia.


Removing the boundaries of the accessibility of such an important resource through the help of technology is a very valuable skill for all the teachers to have.


Let the Virtual Galleries from all around the world be your classrooms !!

Link to the post to learn more about Google Arts & Culture

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